Amevive Treatment

My experience with Amevive:

When Amevive was new I was one of the first people to try it. I found that it works for it well. This treatment consists of shots that are taken fairly often at the doctors office, blood tests, and careful monitoring. After that there is a long period where no shots are needed. This treatment cleared my skin within less than two months. I stayed on this treatment for six months and then my doctor decided to restart the shots. The second course of this treatment kept my skin clear. Within just a bit over a year after the first treatment, my T cell count began to get very low.

The dermatologist monitored this very carefully in the coming months. My T cell count continued to lower. As the second course of Amevive was all done, there was nothing that could be done to increase my T-cell count for quite awhile. Within months, when I was at a somewhat stressed out, tired time, and I got very sick. In fact, I got so sick that I had to go to the emergency room. Because my T-cell count was so low, I felt like I almost didn't make it. In the emergency room they had to use quite a combination of efforts to help me. That was a very scary time. I have not ever done the Amevive treatment again. I have heard, though, that it does work well for some people.