Change Your Perspective on Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not fun to have. But, should it totally take over our worries and concerns? No. Here are 7 things to change your perspective on Psoriasis from things I have learned in life with Psoriasis. These are our favorite creams or lotions to help with psoriasis.

1. I thought people would not want to be friends with me because of my Psoriasis. From my perspective they seemed to care and it mattered. After I went through treatment and my Psoriasis was cleared, nothing changed in how new people I met treated me. My perception had been wrong. Once Psoriasis started returning, people who were already my friends did not care about my Psoriasis.

2. Things are the same with and without Psoriasis. There is no reason people would not like you just because your skin gets irritated.

3. Yes, skin gets irritated and it can be visible. It is too bad we need to hide it. But, don't other people hide things as well? They will hide things too if they have a zit, if they are gaining weight, if they had a nose job, if they have an injury they don't want seen, if they feel they need makeup or any other number of reasons. If so many people take care to show their best when they are out and about in the world, knowing it may affect how people perceive them, why should we be exempt?

4. Use your Psoriasis as a gauge on how happy you are. If you notice certain things in life stressing out your skin more than others, take this into account as you would a gut feeling. Learn from it.

5. There are people with Psoriasis who are stars. There are rich people with Psoriasis. There are so many people who have it but don't tell us. They don't let it define them. Don't let it define who you are unless you are teaching and helping people with Psoriasis.

6. I think it happens often as a barrier on a person's body. It may be there to protect them from something that happened earlier in their life. What was that? What could it have been? Have you grown and fixed this or these items?

7. Essentially, who cares if you have Psoriasis? Hopefully you get the right doctor and/or nurse who can help you get the right treatment. Take your medecine or go through your treatment. If the treatment doesn't work and your quality of life suffers, try another treatment. But, move on! Enjoy life. Unfortunately unless you are one of the people who never has Psoriasis come back, you may have to deal with it again. But in the meantime don't let it worry you. Take care of yourself, be good to yourself and other people and be well.