Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis is a rare type of psoriasis characterized by pink color, small drop-like markings. The appearance of scales in the drop-like markings is much like the common type of psoriasis, though the scales are much finer. For all the psoriasis type diseases, it only accounts for fewer than 2% of infections. This disease is usually triggered by a bacterial infection. When a person is affected by a bacterial disease, such as strep-throat, he will be very susceptible it. Male and female patients under the age of thirty are all likely candidates. Children can inherit guttate psoriasis from their parents.

Like regular psoriasis, lesions will itch. Outbreaks start from the arms and can spread to the trunk and the legs. The nails though, remain unchained, while in chronic psoriasis severe disfiguration occurs.

Most of the time, these lesions only last for several weeks up to a couple of months. But you might want to see a physician right away so as not to let things get worse. A skin test can easily determine what type of psoriasis is present and what treatment is best prescribed to it. Moisturisers are most beneficial for dry and scaly skin. Topical steroids which are sold over the counter will also help fight itching. Medications such as antibiotics may also be prescribed.

The most effective treatment reserved for the most severe cases is artificial photo therapy. Ultraviolet light helps the eradication of plaque-like symptoms and scales. The doctor may experiment with a combination of treatments.