How I Would Have Tried to Prevent Getting Psoriasis if I Could Go Back in Time

If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, here are steps I would take to try to prevent getting Psoriasis. Although Psoriasis can be genetic or random, I feel there are possible lifestyle changes that could possibly help prevent getting Psoriasis. These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

1. I went through a stage where I was drinking a lot of coffee, mochas and espressos. In fact, I bought an espresso maker. My stomach, within weeks was hurting and I got an ulcer. often I have noticed when I have too much coffee or caffeine, my body is on edge.

2. Decrease stress. I'm not talking about meditation or living out in the country. For me it would have been just looking at people and life differently. It would have been taking things less seriously and finding the humor in things more often. I would have laughed more things off. Any career or friends that added way too much stress or worry would need to be reevaluated. I would have needed to decide for each whether they are worth keeping and changing my perspective, or just changing my surroundings.

3. Worrying about things for other people. I took on career and life worries or my parents and girlfriend. This changed how much fun I had and added to my concern about things I was doing being the right for my path in life. For this one, I would step back and say to myself that although it is good to know what other people need or like, I am the one living my own life. So, the main person who will benefit of not from my job, daily actions or perceptions is me, not others. So, do things for myself.

4. Not worry so much early on about germs. I was brought up with it to be ok to not want to drink out of someone else's cup, share plates of food, etc. Worrying about these things did not help.

5. I went through organic phases. They did not help my Psoriasis. In fact, Nature's Gate Rainforest Shampoo is something I used in days before I first got psoriasis on my scalp. I got it at Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, but there is balance. When I bought a special shampoo this year from Trader Joes with lavender, it seems to bother my scalp psoriasis. As much as eating Organic can be good, restricting diet and life too much has not helped in my case.

6. Not go on diets. In this case the Zone diet. When I gained weight I thought maybe it was worsening my psoriasis. In fact, the skinnier I got from the diet, the worse my psoriasis got.

7. Not try any quick fads advertised. Many skin creams or products that are from slall non tested vendors worry me. I would rather proven and tested.

8. Drink more water. I don't think being dehydrated helps psoriasis.

9. Stay mobile. This meane not being on the computer too much, and getting out and about. This means not being too sedentary or working too much.

10. Not get exposed to secondhand smoke, pesticides or other chemicals too much.

11. Spend more time with friends and a suppport network.

12. Do stretching exercises for 10 min each day.

13. Have a lot of fun.

14. Not take myself too seriously.

15. Totally accept myself and others.