Phototherapy Problem Troubleshooting

These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis. There are a number of problems to look out for when using phototherapy at home or at the doctor office. UVB phototherapy can produce erythema, also known as sunburn. The aim of phototherapy is to create a small amount of sunburn, without the pain.

Itching of skin is generally due to dryness. For dryness, a moisturizer recommended by your dermatologist is ideal.

If you have any questions, it is better to call your dermatologist or nurse than to wait. Often when you call with any phototherapy concerns, information you will be asked include questions about when your last treatment was, what body parts were treated, when your skin started to hurt, how painful your sunburn is, if you have blisters on your skin from sunburn, and any other issues or details.

In many cases, care at home for phototherapy issues may include adding topical steroids to sunburned areas, taking two aspirin every four hours for inflammation, using a moisturizing lotion, applying cool wet compresses, using anti-itch lotions, and/or staying out of the sun.