Psoriasis - How to Tackle It

The occurrence of Psoriasis can be ascertained with the approach of patches of red color on the skin. These contain dead cells. It could affect any part of your body including the genitals and scalp or could be in pustular form. The treatment will vary according to which part of the body is affected. Detailed treatment for each condition is given underneath.

Psoriasis of Genitals

This is also known as Psoriasis of Groin. It develops in armpits, in between the buttocks, below the breasts or in any folds of the skin. It causes a lot of itching and may bother overweight folks more. Sweating adds on to the irritation. Psoriasis of the genitals may lead you to severe stress and depression.Elidel or Protopic are low potency steroids and ideal for the condition. If using ultraviolet light to treat the condition, keep its intensity low. High intensity could affect sensitive body parts and may result in cancer.

Scalp Psoriasis

This occurs when layers of the skin in the scalp overlap. This results in the dying of skin cells and red lesions. In advanced stages it creates a thick plaque on the scalp and causes hair loss.

Keep your scalp clean by use of Shampoos and a proper hair conditioner. Medicated varieties of Shampoos have salicylic acid which removes the scales. Coal Tar will slow down the growth of cells and check the disease.

Pustular Psoriasis

Small round raised areas of the skin are called pustules. These fill up with pus in advanced stages. It causes reddening of the skin all around the pustule. It may require hospital admission. In this condition adequate body fluids are essential. To treat the disease Mild Compresses are done on the affected areas. Oatmeal Baths and saltwater solutions could be used. This will heal the Psoriasis effectively.