A Medical Perspective of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an unpredictable disease and can frequently reoccur. Symptoms may appear all of a sudden and either result into Psoriasis or disappear. This cycle could frequently reoccur. In certain cases the disease vanished all together without treatment. It is always better to treat the disease even if it is very mild. Psoriasis could also stagnate at the same levels without showing signs of improving or deteriorating.

According to the type of Psoriasis various factors could worsen the disease. These are stress, weather, injuries to the skin, some type of drugs and infection. The factors which determine how severe your disease is are the percentage of skin affected in your body, thickness of the raised patches, the degree of redness and scaling.

The three different degrees of Psoriasis could be Mild, Moderate and Severe Psoriasis.

Mild Psoriasis. A small portion of the body is covered with plaque. It can affect knees and elbows.

Moderate Psoriasis. When three to ten percent of your skin is affected the level could be termed moderate. Various symptoms can be as under:-

  • Plaque could occur in large patches including your scalp.

  • Joint pain, although mild, but does not restrict movement severely.

  • Psoriasis patient gets worried about plaque being seen by others

Severe Psoriasis. This can cover more than ten percent of skin. It can also be a measure of how badly the patient is affected by the disease.

  • About twenty to thirty percent of the body is affected. Your arms are equivalent to twenty percent of total skin. Only palms could include one percent. This is how you make an estimate. In severe Psoriasis your face is also affected.

  • Pustules on the body are formed. These are filled with fluid. Scaling is severe.

  • Tenderness and swelling of joints. Can also result in redness and warmth of joints. This condition is known as Psoriatic Arthritis.

The disease can cause very high levels of stress and lower your self esteem. One study correlates the reduction of efficiency of the person to that of Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Heart Diseases and other severe ailments.