Stress and Psoriasis

Stress can be a major cause for Psoriasis. Clinical studies have shown that stress can cause or aggravate Psoriasis. Most Psoriasis patients can associate a specific incident in their lives which generated stress. The link between Psoriasis and stress needs to be examined. Scientists have discovered that patients affected by Psoriasis have a greater concentration of nerves in the skin. Nerves emit neuropeptides which transmit nerve impulses. The neuropeptides can cause or even aggravate Psoriasis.

The cause of stress varies in each person. Stress could be caused by nature of work, state of finances, family worries. In some cases even positive developments such as marriage or child birth can cause stress and lead to Psoriasis. Higher stress levels cause emotional and physical side effects leading to abnormal behavior. This could manifest as inability to concentrate, disturbed sleep, anxiety, anger, depression, or high blood pressure.

Identifying specific events which caused stress can be useful in treating Psoriasis. Even studies have proved that patients who identified such stress causing incidents responded better during recovery.

The answer lies in reducing stress in interpersonal relationships. Situations causing rapid emotional changes which lead to rise in anger and blood pressure should be avoided. Family members and co-workers can be helpful in over coming these situations.

Meditation, yoga, hypnosis and relaxation exercises can reduce stress. These should be practiced after consulting experts in the fields or doctors. Try to identify such incidents which worsened your Psoriasis. Such like situations should be avoided if possible to reduce stress. In certain Psoriasis patients biofeedback can effectively reduce stress. Studies have proved that patients trained in biofeedback have improved their Psoriasis and even reduced subsequent re-occurrence.