The 10 Most Commonly Used Psoriasis Treatments Today

These are our favorite creams or lotions to help with psoriasis.
1. Dead Sea Treatment

Water of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals. Out of 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea, 12 are unique minerals. They are nourishing to the skin. The unique minerals can cure diseases of the circulatory and digestive system as well as rheumatic disorders. The combination of good climate, water and sunlight is the hallmark of treatment at the Dead Sea.

2. Sunlight

Human Eye cannot see Ultraviolet light (UV) contained in sun rays. UV light kills the T Cells in the skin. Consequently cell growth and scaling is reduced. A regular exposure to sunlight can be very beneficial for Psoriasis patients.

3. UVB Phototherapy

This involves using an artificial light source to provide UVB light in a controlled manner. Sometimes this therapy is also known as Broadband UVB. It is used to treat widespread as well as patches of Psoriasis which have shown no improvement from topical drugs.

4. Etanercept

This biological treatment is approved in number of countries. You can treat moderate and severe Psoriasis. To be taken as a subcutaneous injection. 50 mg injection twice every week is to be taken for 3 months. The dose may be reduced to 50 mg once in a week after that.

5. Skin Creams, Ointments and Moisturizers

A chemical known as anthralin is a good long term remedy for Psoriasis. Ointments, Creams or Moisturizers will not provide you a complete cure. They can subside itching and prevent scaling. They also fight the dryness of skin resulting from other treatments.

6. Coal tar

This traditional medicine has been seen to help many people. However it has a bad odor and can be messy. Some patients may not like it.

7. Excimer Laser

This is a light therapy for mild or even moderate Psoriasis. A laser beam is directed at the affected portions. It contains scaling and inflammation. The laser does not damage healthy portion of the skin around affected parts. This therapy gives quick results and requires lesser sessions when compared to other therapies.

8. Vitamin D Analogues

The vitamin Disease stops skin from reproducing quickly. One such cream is Calcipotriene. This ointment contains Vitamin D. It can treat even moderate Psoriasis. It can also be combined with photo therapy or other medications.

8. Homeopathy Medicines:

These medicines are extracted from natural resources. Almost 3000 medicines have been identified to treat Psoriasis. Most common are Arsenicum, Carcinocin, graphites, Mezereum, Sulphur and iodatum.

9. Topical Corticosteroids

These drugs are anti inflammatory in nature. This is a commonly prescribed medicine for mild and even severe Psoriasis. The immune system gets suppressed by them to reduce cell growth. They also provide relief from itching, burning and inflammation.

10. Vitamin D Analogues

These synthetic forms of vitamin D reduce skin inflammation and help prevent skin cells from reproducing quickly. Calcipotriene is a prescription cream, ointment or solution containing a vitamin D analogue that may be used alone to treat mild to moderate psoriasis or in combination with other topical medications or phototherapy.