Top 12 Psoriasis Treatment Centers in The World

In all these locations with treatment centers on this page, phototherapy or direct sun contact is common among all. If you can afford to go to one of these 12 centers, that is fantastic. Remember though for long term clearing as Psoriasis returns, you'll either probably need to go back to the treatment center in approx 1-4 years to get clear again, or use home phototherapy. These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

1. Dead Sea

Located on the borders of Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is 1200 feet below Sea Level. The Dead Sea is known as the lowest location on the surface of the earth. By the virtue of it location this is certainly the best treatment center for Psoriasis in the world. Being below the Sea Levels the atmosphere filters out the short and dangerous variety of ultra violet rays. This results in longer and better variety of sunlight reaching the skin. Thus you can sun bask for longer durations without getting burnt. The additional benefits are the mud, water and the air of the Dead Sea. The water contains rich minerals and a very high degree of salt content. The air is oxygen rich and has higher concentrations of bromide. Therefore the Dead Sea is the best place with dual benefits of being a resort of relaxation and treatment of Psoriasis.

2. Blue Lagoon

This resort is in Grindavik, Iceland. It sports good housing and treatment facilities for Psoriasis patients. Here the sea water is heated using power from a geothermal plant. The Psoriasis treatment is a combination of ultra violet light with bathing in the warm sea water followed by application of Skin Care products. The silica and algae which is blue green in color are unique features of the Blue Lagoon. The sea water is also rich in salts. Such a combination of factors does not exist elsewhere in the world.

3. The Avene Spa Centre

Situated in the Southern France this spa uses thermal spring water to treat Psoriasis. The duration of the course is three weeks. Besides bathing, drinking water is also included in the treatment of Psoriasis. The beautiful environment of the Southern France is a major psychological factor which accelerates the healing process.

4. The Red Sea

The Red Sea in Egypt is home to the famous climatotherapy cities of Hurghada, Sinai, Helwan, Safaga and Aswan the Fayoum Oases. The climate here is akin to Dead Sea. The sea water is also rich in minerals and salts which are beneficial for Psoriasis treatment. National Research Clinic Centre is located at Safaga. A typical treatment sequence consists of bathing in salt and mineral rich water followed by a sun bath in the long UVA rich sunlight in the Red Sea Environs.

5. Paso Robles

The Hot Springs of Paso Robles are situated in the mountains in Central California. The Salinian Indians called this region as "Hot Springs". The original residents used this place to treat Psoriasis and other skin disorders. The treatment methods used were water and mud bath.

6. Soap Lake

Situated in the deserts of Central Washington the Soap Lake is a unique "do it yourself" centre. There are no authorised treatment centers or clinics. There are hotels and motels around the lake which have made arrangements to transport the lake water through pipelines to the rooms for treatment of Psoriasis.

7. Mavena Derma Centrei

This centre is located in Illinois near Chicago. It is the only centre in the United States offering Balneo-Phototherapy treatment. This treatment is a combination of soaking in Brine and UVB light. 15 to 25 seatings are required to achieve 80% to 87% curing of the skin. An entire set of products made from Dead Sea salts, which are imported from the Dead Sea, can also be obtained at Mavena.

8. Manitou Beach

Situated on the shores of Lake Manitou in Canada this treatment centre in Watrous has lots of similarities with the Dead Sea. Lake Manitou has shallow waters which are rich in minerals. Besides Psoriasis it offers cure from many other skin diseases.

9. Berkley Springs

Numerous spas are located in this picturesque district of West Virginia two hours from Washington DC. These warm water springs have been known for a couple of centuries. The mineral rich water of these springs attracts hoards of people and is known to cure a host of skin disorders. The spas specialize treating mild to severe Psoriasis.

10. La Roche Posay

This spa is in France, at a distance of 185 miles from the French capital – Paris. The spring water here is known to have a unique mix of mineral salts. The treatment here consists of bathing and drinking water, as well as treatment by sunlight. It detoxifies your body. Even Psychotherapeutic consultation is available at the Spa. It specializes in treating children too.

11. Canary Islands

The Norwegian government funds and operates a center for treatment of Psoriasis at Canary Islands. Therefore this centre can not be approached directly by the Americans. However by using the services of private companies operating tours and travels entry into the treatment centre is possible. Norwegian Psoriasis Association is also planning to establish a center at Canary Island. As and when it is set up it can be accessed freely by persons from all countries.

12. Warm Mineral Springs

Ft Myer's is located on the West Coast of Florida. Ft. Myers and Sarasota have Warm Mineral Springs. These are in the shape of Hour Glass. They have sink holes which are about 230 feet deep and have a diameter of 240 feet. Reportedly some of the arthritis patients have also been cured from the water of these springs.

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