Causes of Psoriasis

PsoriasisPsoriasis means itch in Greek. This skin disorder is identified by inflation and scaling. Skin cells reproduce faster and pile up in layers causing scaling. This happens because of an immune system disorder. Scaling normally occurs on knees, elbows or the scalp. This may cause loss of hair. It may affect your skin too.

Even though the cause of Psoriasis is not known it is believed that several factors combine to cause this disease. Some such factors are

  • Genes

  • Immune System

  • Diet

  • Weather

  • Stress

  • Skin Injury

  • Infection

  • Drugs

In the regular functioning WBC – White Blood Cells fight invaders such as virus and bacteria by producing anti bodies. In Psoriasis affected patients the antibodies also fight skin tissues to produce chemicals in large amount. These chemicals cause itching and inflammation in some parts of the body. Researchers hold four types of Genes responsible for Psoriasis. These genes direct the foreign invaders to the immune system for destruction. In Psoriasis patients this system does not work. Even weather is considered to be a major factor. Cold dry weather can cause Psoriasis and damp hot and sunny weather can aggravate Psoriasis.

Some scientists discovered that Psoriasis could be caused by sugar, carbohydrates and acids, fats with uric acid in the diet.

Studies as well as surveys have shown that stress, anger, anxiety and depression could have a strong association with Psoriasis. HIV viruses, Streptococcus and such like bacteria can also cause Psoriasis.

Mild injuries of the skin around elbows or knees may cause Psoriasis. This is known as koebner phenomenon. Some drugs may also cause or aggravate Psoriasis. You must consult a doctor before using such drugs.