What it is Like to Have Psoriasis

For those who haven't had Psoriasis, it can be difficult to imagine what this disease can be like. Some people may have psoriasis in very few small patches, while the other end of the spectrum would be people with over 90% coverage.

Psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin. The person with psoriasis may itch, and often the skin may bleed if scratched little of a lot. A small amount of psoriasis may not be as much painful as it is embarassing, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Larger amounts of Psoriasis on the body, such as 20% coverage or more can be very disruptive th the person's life who has psoriasis. Not only are medications or some treatment needed, but the skin can hurt. Patches of psoriasis are often very sensitive when rubbing against clothing or anything else.

Skin with psoriasis is inflamed. The most common element I have heard from all patients I speak to is they also have some form of stress in their lives or happening to their body that can trigger their psoriasis. Secondhand smoke or burning of incense can trigger psoriasis. Life events that are stressful can trigger psoriasis.

It is very important to realize that while psorisais can be a terrible disability, if one goes into remission, it can be gone for a period of time or forever for a person.

I was over 90% covered in psoriasis this fall. I have never had that much in my life and it was triggered by smoke leaking in our home from a neighbor. The psoriasis was incredibly painful. It was difficult to sit down. Skin was often bleeding. I could not work.

After intense doctor treatment for the last number of months, the psoriasis is under control. There are many treatments that can be used, but so many have side effects. My treatment was tar and LCD creams combined with light therapy.