Why Does the Goeckerman Treatment Heal Psoriasis So Effectively?

Psoriasis is a chronic disorder of the skin which is non contagious. It causes thick red patches which have silvery scales. Underneath the scales is inflammation. Although the exact cause of the disease is not yet known it is most probably an immune system disorder.

Goeckerman treatment is one of the various therapies for Psoriasis. It comprises of applying coal tar to the affected areas for certain duration. The solution is then removed and the patient is given UVB Light. The entire body of the patient is exposed to UVB light. After treatment by UVB Light, residual tar and the scales are cleaned out. Some doctors prefer this combination of coal tar and UVB. The coal tar prepares the skin to respond to the UVB Light more positively.

A research was carried out to examine the results of the Goeckerman treatment which involved combination of UVB Light and coal Tar. The results proved that the healing properties when both UVB Light and coal tar were combined were much superior. The Coal Tar modulated the immune system and reduced the inflammation slowing down the growth of the skin. UVB Light further reduced the growth of the skin cells. When compared with UVA, UVB Light has lesser probability of enhancing skin cancer. The research concludes that UVB Light and Coal Tar should not be separated. The combination has produced very good results.