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My Story, Getting My Psoriasis Healed

This is my personal story which I thought would be nice to have posted to this Website. As a past reader of the site, I hope to help others with what I have gone through and learned. First things first! Psoriasis creams can be very helpful.

About 15 years ago when I was younger, my Psoriasis started popping up. I has no idea what it was, but as a young woman it was extremely embarassing. I would go out on dates, and it could be seen sometimes on my elbows, in my ears, and in the front edges of my hair. In general, to this day, I don't really know when people could see my Psoriasis but I always assumed they could.

My solution was to wear heavier clothes that covered up more of my skin... and to go out more at night. I took up hobbies like ballroom dancing and sometimes went to bars and clubs. All these places helped to hide my Psoriasis in the dark. When I went out during the day to events at beaches, outdoor festivals, and shopping centers, I was always worried people could see my Psoriasis.

I ended up internalizing a lot of my worries and pushing them deep down inside. At times I would get injections at the doctor to heal my Psoriasis. Then it would come back quickly and the injections would work less the next time. I got prescriptions for many skin creams and ointments. Prescribed skin creams and ointments were a lifesaver over time, but very tedious, and many lost their effectiveness over time. I have been on many, many treatments by pill and injection. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that does not react well, often getting side effects. I have ended up now using a combination of natural treatments, phototherapy, and lotions to keep my skin as clear as possible. These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis.

I have a new lease on life, as my Psoriasis is barely visible now. I have had up to 90% coverage at times in the past, and now I generally stay at less than 1% coverage. Best of luck to you and I hope my story has helped you.

Treating Psoriasis Naturally

These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis.

Psoriasis isn't necessarily only treated by prescription medications. Many people have had excellent, and sometimes permanent clearing of their Psoriasis by getting more at the root of the cause with natural solutions. Natural solutions doesn't mean granola new age. Natural means healthy, pure, simple, and without harmful chemicals and additives.

The cause of your Psoriasis may have been triggered by genetic, dietary, stress, or other means. Whatever the trigger or cause of Psoriasis was when it started for you, there is something out there that is right for you in treatment. Common forms of Psoriasis include Plaque Psoriasis, Nail Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, and Pustular Psoriasis.

Healing Psoriasis naturally has added benefits of longer remission and no side effects.

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