How I cleared my Psoriasis

I cleared my psoriasis by a process of self learning over a period of time. I tried many types of treatments like homeopathic, natural, herbal and medical treatments. I also experimented with OTC (Over the Counter) treatments. My experience suggests that treatments can affect different people in different ways. These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis.

There can be many causes of psoriasis. While different types of treatments are available you must understand the root cause of the disease and how it will improve or worsen if not treated. Most common causes are your stress levels and family history. In the ongoing discussion on this website I will keep you informed of the various types of treatments for psoriasis, what benefited me, and interviews with other people. I had to settle for a career change and adopt a job that I enjoyed and helped me heal my psoriasis. In my recovery I discovered that my body does not respond to shots and pills.

I once again emphasize stress as one of the main causes as that was how my psoriasis got triggered. One should objectively analyze what you want and are you getting what you need or not.

This website will not only coach you regarding the different techniques and treatment of how to identify and cure psoriasis but will also help you to emulate my recovery by rebuilding your life in the desired direction towards recovery. Wishing you all the luck in your recovery I promise to keep this website updated with the latest research and experience about fighting psoriasis. Thank you for visiting and do help others fight psoriasis by referring this website to them.