My Psoriasis Story

Here is my psoriasis story which began more than 10 years ago.

After college, when I was searching for my right path in life, I started working with a company where I had to deal with pesticides on plants that my staff and I took care of. I can remember well that the first symptoms of psoriasis came up on the left upper side front of my scalp. At that time, it didn’t resemble psoriasis; it was just like a common infection like a scab. These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis.

But, what is the reason behind it? There is no genetic history of psoriasis in my family! Yes, there were three things happening in my life, any or all which could have been the trigger. These were:

1. I was very depressed at that time as my girlfriend and I were in the midst of breaking up.

2. I was trying natural and organic products. I went to the store and bought Nature’s Gate Rainforest shampoo, and the day after using that, the psoriasis started.

3. The place where I was working needed pesticides sprayed. I had to be in that environment without enough protection.

Of the above reasons, I consider the no 2 as most effective cause, though no one can be sure which contributed the most.

In early stage, I just used to scratch at my scalp in the shower. I knew it was not the best solution and I needed medical treatment. I went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as psoriasis. I was given Dovonex Solution and Dovonex Cream. It helped, but not long term as it lost effectiveness. I started to get psoriasis on my left elbow. Another doctor gave me a steroid cream. After that I went through many medical, herbal and other treatments. I even went to Chinatown, trying herbs and skin creams which did not help.

So, now it is about 12 years later from the start of my psoriasis. Sometimes the psoriasis has been unbearable. I hope this website will help you learn from my experiences, and also from other people's experiences as well. If you have had experiences yourself that you feel can help other people, please click on the contact us page on this website and send me your story.

My favorite treatment to use when I have some Psoriasis returning is phototherapy. This is with LCD 20% in Aquaphor applied each night while sleeping on the skin and hydrophillic ointment on the skin during the day. You can learn more about this treatment here.

Click on the navigation to the left of this section in the left to read more about treatments. Most worsened my psoriasis but some such as phototherapy are ideal.