All About Stelara for Treating Psoriasis

Ustekinumab, with the commercial name Stelara, was created to control moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Stelara is a fairly new treatment which has had generally good results in psoriasis patients. Is Stelara right for you? Read below to learn more about Stelara, and we recommend discussing with your doctor to decide if Stelara may work well to help heal your psoriasis. These are our favorite creams or lotions to help with psoriasis.

Stelara stops the action of specific cells in the human body that cause psoriasis. Stelara heals plaque psoriasis temporarily but is not a permanant cure. Stelara is a human monoclonal antibody which affects proteins in the body which regulate the immune system and inflammatory disorders.

Stelara Uses

Stelara is used to treat psoriasis in adults 18 years and older where their psoriasis is too severe to be treated by topical medications. Patients who use Stelara have moderate to severe psoriasis involving large areas of their skin. Stelara often decreases plaque thickness and redness in psoriasis patients.

How Stelara is Administered

Stelara is a solution which is injected under the skin of a psoriasis patient by a nurse or doctor in their office. Stelara is injected every four weeks for the first two treatments and then every 12 weeks ongoing. Stelara is given in a 45 mg or 90 mg injection.

Stelara Results

In studies, 12 weeks after Stelara treatment began, 7 out of 10 patients saw at least 75% clearer skin with the psoriasis coverage rated as minimal. After one year, 9 out of 10 patients who initially responded well, maintained clear skin. After two years, 8 out of 10 Stelara patients saw 75% clearer skin. CariDee English (2006 America’s Next Top Model winner) uses Stelara with excellent results for her psoriasis.

Stelara Side Effects

Some Stelara patients experience more infections. Other Stelara patients have had an increased risk of developing cancer. Other side effects may include, but are not limited to chest tightness, facial swelling, tiredness, headaches, confusion, back pain, trouble breathing, vision changes, seizures, and/or dizziness. All information and advice about use of Stelara is best discussed with your doctor.

These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

Best Natural Treatments to Help Heal Psoriasis

Although one way to treat psoriasis is to go the prescription route, it is also possible to look at the root cause and try dealing your psoriasis naturally. This page is about the best natural treatments to help heal psoriasis. One way is phototherapy and another we recommend is to look at toxins affecting your liver as well as other causes. Your liver can cause psoriasis, eczema, and other skin infection which are indicators that there is something wrong. Treating the root cause of psoriasis not only helps to clear the skin, but the person also feels much better. And, of course there is the benefit of being healthier in the long term overall. These are our favorite creams or lotions to help with psoriasis.

Over the last hundred years, there has been extensive medical and natural research to try to cure psoriasis. Beyond just medical research, it has been very helpful for patients themselves to track how their bodies react to foods, stress, experiences, and other factors.

Self-esteem of a psoriasis patient often suffers due to the disease. So far there is no perfect treatment or manual to cure psoriasis for everyone. There are medical treatments for psoriasis flare up, but they don't address the underlying cause of the psoriasis. Unfortunately there are not many books in stores which are well rated to help psoriasis. Hopefully all of the testing, research, and trial plus error in this guide will help improve your lifestyle and therefore your psoriasis.

Many of us have heard, and it is true, that there is no cure for psoriasis. This is a general statement which applies to everyone with the condition. But, there are many individuals out there who have not had their psoriasis return based on natural treatment they have chosen. Those cases are not evidence to prove that there is one cure to heal everyone's psoriasis, but again we'll say it is possible for some individuals to cure their psoriasis.

If you choose to download that helpful manual, get ready to learn quite a lot on your path. Examples of topics covered in the manual include sweeteners, goat milk, cows milk, eating meat or being a vegetarian, drinking alcohol, foods to eat, foods not to eat, eliminating medications, removing toxins from the body, building up the immune system, super foods, antioxidants, dressing in outfits while having a psoriasis outbreak, food allergies, hobbies, stress, and much much more.

These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

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