Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment and Phototherapy or Sun

Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment with sun or phototherapy is my favorite natural treatment for my psoriasis. Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment is a thick, yellow ointment that feels like vaseline but smells of tar boiled down to be less smelly. The combo of Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment and light is not only safe, but combos similar to this are almost a century old now.

I've had psoriasis for a long time. I've gone through more than 30 natural and prescribed treatments over the years. Often I've taken my treatment into my own hands, trying things such as acupuncture, chinese herbs, diet changes, natural treatments such as sun and tar, and also tried strong prescriptions. Most prescriptions wore off or created bad side effects.

From what I have learned about Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment, it is age old, safe, and works for many people. Coal Tar is very thick, like road tar, and contains over 10,000 items/elements naturally, created over thousands and thousands of years compressed in the ground and decomposed from animals, plants, and debris. It is not known which nutrients help psoriasis and eczema skin become less inflammed, but it is amazing they are in this age old natural mixture and work! Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment is a combination of 80% Aquaphor (same as vaseline, very thick) and LCD which is boiled out of tar from the ground (think road or roof tar for the look and feel, boiled down to become yellow colored LCD). LCD stands for Liquor Carbonis Detergens, also known as topical coal tar.

Phototherapy, such as UVA, UVB (narrowband), and Broadband all utilize useful ranges of light rays that help skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. The specific light rays that help reduce inflamamtion come from the light bulbs. Starting here is a great place to find the highest quality phototherapy units to either buy out of pocket, or with health insurance.

Using the sun of course can also be another technique. This technique would require enough sun to almost sunburn, 3-5 times a week. The problem here is that long term sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer while phototherapy is much more safe.

What I do personally is use light and then tar.

Again, there are many kinds of light. After that I apply the tar.

This is just my choice, which I have seen work for many psoriasis and eczema patients. Many people do not want to go with such a natural route and instead go with prescribed skin creams, biologics, etc. It is up to you and your doctor what works best for you.

Why Consider Home Phototherapy?

We'd like to write about home phototherapy and why you should consider it. As you know, for Psoriasis there generally are biologics, all of which have varying side effects. There are steroid and other skin creams, many of which have side effects the stronger they are. There is the natural route, improving diet and stress which usually doesn't work. There has been no clear link between Psoriasis and food that is the same for everyone. There are some commonalities, but in general diet is not a huge factor. As for stress, it is widely known both trauma and stress can trigger Psoriasis. But, once a person has Psoriasis, it can be triggered more easily. Then there is phototherapy. Phototherapy is safe and effective for many Psoriasis sufferers. Phototherapy can be done at a treatment center or at home. Generally narrowband phototherapy is used more these days. At a treatment center, one can expect time in a light box to be seconds to many minutes. It may be daily, every other day, or a couple visits a week.

Often people choose home phototherapy units. Depending on the unit chosen, insurance may pay for most or all of the cost for the unit. A doctor can help track progress. It is a great deal.

The top phototherapy company is Daavlin, and you can find their products for sale here at this URL. Daavlin products are generally higher quality, have more attractive designs, offer increased functionality, and most importantly come with friendly customer service. In addition, tech support is free during warranty, and a Daavlin rep may even be able to stop by your home if you need technical help with your unit! Great deal.

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