2009 Capitol Hill Day for Psoriasis

If you would like to help the National Psoriasis Foundation on Capitol Hill Day that would be terrific. This event is February 22 and 23, 2009. You can go to Washington D.C. and let our U.S. senators and representatives know about Psoriasis. The more they learn, the more aware they will be how many people have Psoriasis. Help them understand that 2-5 % of the US population has eiter Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis, and with numbers that big, for sure there need to be more treatments. There also needs to be money set aside for a cure.

Healing Psoriasis Naturally

It is possible to work on healing your Psoriasis naturally. I have not found diet and exercise as important as stress reduction and increase of happiness. Take these steps to help your Psoriasis:

1. Check in with your current job. Are you happy? Does your heart sing? If not, pursue another path.
2. How are your relationships? If they are not good, build more relationships, better relationships, or start some over.
3. Relax. Think about your life and consider starting some things over to better enjoy yuour passions.

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