100 Q & A About Psoriasis Book

100 Q&A About Psoriasis 100 Q&A About Psoriasis is a terrific book with questions and answers about Psoriasis. This book is written by to dermatologists who know a lot about Psoriasis treatment. This book covers the basics, such as what Psoriasis is, who gets it, and what causes Psoriasis. It covers diagnosis of Psoriasis, so the reader knows how Psoriasis and other related conditions can be diagnosed. The book covers factors contributing to Psoriasis. It also covers treatment. Click here to see this book.

Coal Tar Solution 20 Percent in Aquaphor Ointment to Heal Psoriasis

The treatment that is best for me is Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment, 400 grams. This treatment, Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment, is for external use and for many people can help heal Psoriasis. It is certainly a slight tar smell to get used to, but it is safe to use. Every night before bed, I cover any psoriasis below my neck with this. For my face I use a similar blend with nutraderm. I put on pajamas, and go to sleep. By the next morning, it has helped and soothed my psoriasis. The best, of course, would be to put this on under my clothes during the day, but I don't want people to smell it. So, the next best thing is just to put it on earlier in the evening. My loved ones are used to the smell and it doesn't bother them. If someone really loves you, why should they care about the smell, right?

Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment
One Pound of 20% LCD in Aquaphor Ointment
One pound of Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment, looks a bit like margarine but feels like vaseline
One Pound of Coal Tar Solution (LCD) 20% in Aquaphor Ointment, also known as 20% LCD in Aquaphor

The reason I prefer this over other psoriasis treatments is that taking shots or pills can mess with the body internally. Personally, I have had quite a few side effects from various internal treatments, so now I just prefer a bit of tar smell with aquaphor (same as vaseline) and age old tar (boiled down to become LCD) over side effects.

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