Psoriasis Frequently Asked Questions

Psoriasis Frequently Asked Questions

What causes psoriasis?

There are many factors that can cause psoriasis. It can be genetic, random, triggered by environmental factors, triggered by food, or triggered by stress.

If I have psoriasis will my children get it?

Not necessarily. They may or may not but there is no way to control if they will get it. The best thing to do is not try to just suppress your own psoriasis but to take care of your life and try to make the disease eventually go away. This is possible but not commonly what happens for everyone. You will need to see what works best for you, but again, this website should help you with much insight that I and many others have learned from this disease. These are my favorite two lotions for psoriasis.

Does psoriasis for sure need to impact my life and make me feel lesser than other people?

No. I for many years felt that my psoriasis put me at a disadvantage. Then, I noticed that after certain treatments that suppress the disease and made it disappear for a while, people still treated me the same way as they had them when they noticed that I had psoriasis. Now, I would not say to display and show everybody your psoriasis just because you can. My suggestion would be that just like any disease, many of us don't want to see other people suffering. So, the thing to do is deal with your psoriasis, and enjoy your life. There is no need to feel that any friends or other people will actually feel differently about you if they know you have psoriasis. In fact I personally now just act and feel as if I don't have it even if it flares up a little, when I talk and meet with other people.

If my psoriasis goes into remission, how long until it comes back?

There is no way to know when or if it will come back. The best thing to do is maintain a quality of life that you hope can extend or change the possibility of when the disease returns. I do know people that have had it never return.

Does psoriasis only keep getting worse and worse, or can I expect that with no treatment is can stay at the same level?

Psoriasis can just as easily get better, stay the same, or worsen, depending on what is happening to your body and your life. The the best thing I can suggest is be smart about this disease, be careful, and learn from others and their experiences in a positive way. In my opinion, to dwell on the symptoms of this disease in a negative way cannot help. But, to move forward and always have hope, motivation, and inspiration as much as possible, is the best way to be on the path to improve things.